About Us

Hakkasan Bistro (formerly Hakkasan Contemporary Chinese Cuisine) is a unique modern Chinese eatery that offers quality authentic Cantonese dishes with Wok Hay and Hakka-inspired soul food in a relaxed chic setting.  Hakkasan is best known for its multi-course tasting menus, a popular choice among diners to savour a variety of diverse flavours and infusion of global ingredients.

Nestled in East Richmond’s light industrial area, Hakkasan was established in 2007 by the original owner of Richmond’s “Zen Fine Chinese Cuisine”, named “the world’s greatest Chinese restaurant outside of China” by NY Times journalist and food critic, Jennifer 8 Lee in her book “The Fortune Cookies Chronicle”.

Hakkasan, being somewhat a reprise of Zen, continues to further its signature mark of quality service, classy ambiance and prestige Tasting Menus. We recently transformed the main dining area and love the bright, vibrant and chic new dining space for patrons to enjoy a casual lunch or indulge in dinner tasting sets that will surely elevate the Chinese dining experience.  Renowned for our Tasting Menus, now everyone can enjoy the best of both worlds with our expanded A La Carte Menu for family style dining!

As a tribute to our Hakka ancestral roots, we are pleased to offer popular Hong Kong influenced Hakka dishes such as Sauteed Pork Cheeks with Pickled Cabbage, Hakka Mui Choy Braised Pork Belly, Hakka Salty Free Range Chicken, Steamed Egg, Pork with Duck Yolk, Hakka Plum duck, Steamed Baby Squid (to name a few), although our culinary focus is authentic Cantonese cuisine.

Chef’s Specialties include: Braised Pork Hock, Double-Boiled Whole Young Coconut Soup, Honey-Roasted Pork Cheeks, Chef’s Secret Recipe Odorless Garlic Sauce and Ancient Hakka Style Salt Baked Free Range Chicken in Claypot.